April 2020 

Learning Hub Friesland and Friesland College present the GIG project at the webinar 'EU Ready Fryslan'

What are the opportunities that Europe offers? With the webinar ‘Europe Ready Fryslân’ the Province of Fryslân and the municipalities of Leeuwarden and Sudwest Fryslân want to inspire businesses, schools and governments to start the European cooperation.


The webinar showcases valuable knowledge development, partnerships with other regions and successful project development. At the webinar, the Dutch GIG partners had the opportunity to present the GIG project as good practise on how local and European partners cooperate to tackle the challenges that are facing us today.

April 2020


Dutch newsarticle about the effects of the Coronacrisis on Freelancers “After the crisis governments really need to re-think policy around freelancing.” 


Many independent workers appear to have hardly any reserves and now have to be kept on their feet by governmental support. The flexibilisation of labour punches back in the face of the cabinet like a boomerang. Will the policy arround freelancing finally be reconsidered after this crisis?


Ready the full article in Dutch here.

March 2020


New study looks at the challenges faced by platform workers

The Commission has published today a study on working conditions of platform workers. The report, carried out by independent experts, provides an overview of the challenges individuals face in growing form of labour. More info. 

November 2019

European organisations join forces to preparing individuals and communities for the opportunities and threats of the gig economy

“Gig.” You’ve probably heard it mentioned in different contexts. Gigging was originally musicians’ slang for a performance. Nowadays, it has come to mean so much more. A gig economy nowadays represents an environment in which temporary positions are common and organisations contract with independent workers for short-term engagements.

In October 2019, organisations from across Europe got together in Carlingford, IE to kick-off a 2,5-year cooperation that addresses both the opportunities and the threats that are captured in the emerging Gig economy.

Led by the Meath County Counsil in Ireland, the consortium will facilitate knowledge development about the emerging GIG economy and share, discuss and develop effective methods to address it. Besides raising awareness and uniting stakeholders from education, government and the labour market on the topic, the partners will develop and run a vocational training programme for youth and those affected most by the gig economy labour market.

“Gigs can be full- or part-time, or even one-off projects. There are gigs to be found at the highest professional levels and in the minimum wage “service on-demand” sector. The essential qualifier is that workers are not employees with benefits but independent contractors. More and more of us are participating in the gig economy, creating a robust market for the millions of work-for-hire individuals.” say Connor Patterson, director of WIN Consultants in Dundalk, IE.



Next project meeting at the premises of project partner the municipality of Capannori in Lucca (IT) Italy unfortunately cancelled due to Coronavirus

In May 2020, the project partners were supposed to meet again in Lucca, Italy to discuss the progress of the project and status of awareness raising activities. Unfortunalety this meeting will be postponed due to the Coronacrisis that is affecting all.


Training week for students about the GIG economy in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands

In October 2020, Dutch partners Friesland College and Learning Hub Friesland will organise a training week for starters on the labour market and those side-lined by it, of all levels and sectors of education, thus creating a cross-sector / cross-level approach. 


Setting up a week’s programme will combine learner activities (organised by local learners of Friesland College and Learning Hub Friesland) with training-elements from the programme. 


Workshops will be conducted by local organisations that are keen on using the regions labour market challenges as input for the transitions that our region has to go through to solve the main issues of our region. This will all be conducted with an entrepreneurial mindset of action!


Enrolling in this international project gives us the opportunity to create discussion and knowledge exchange between learners, which could give birth to new insights and possible solutions for our regions. Moreover, realising this program would allow us to group unknown internationals with each other, each bringing their own experience and expertise to the table. This would make it possible to reflect on our regional situation, to ultimately revision it and come up with new and innovative ideas and models.


Interested to be involved in the project? 

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