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2. PDF of Prezi

Gig Toolkit files:

1          Video (this is not yet complete, please just put in a holding file)
2          PDF of PREZI . 
3              Clickable PREZI – here is the link
4          INFOGRAPHIC – The mindmap 
5          Powerpoint – Effective Alliance Success Factors
6          Powerpoint - Different Types of Alliances
7          These three links 
8          Powerpoint - The vision of a stakeholders GIG Regional Alliance’
9          Powerpoint ‘Planning a good alliance
10        Powerpoint ‘Steps to a good Alliance’
11        Powerpoint ‘managing a good alliance’
12        The materials for the training programme are here …… Point to Learning material on website
13        The materials for the learning campaign are available here ….POINT TO Learning campaign on Website


6. Different types of alliances

9. Planning a good alliance

10. Steps to a good alliance

11. Managing a good alliance

5. Effective alliance success factors

8. The vision of a GIG regional alliance

4. Infographic the mindmap

Academic references

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